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Is your home overheating or you have moisture problems in your house?  You may want to renovate your home, or you may have some problems with your house and you would like to seek professional consultancy. Smart Plus Homes is there to help you.


Are you designing a high-performance building and would like to get help with detailing?  Do you need blower door testing, thermal imaging or commissioning of ventilation systems for your project? Smart Plus homes is there for you.

Passive House

Have you already decided, or do you consider building a Passive house? Do you want to know if you are on the right track? You need a PHPP calculation or a Thermal bridge analyses? Smart Plus home is an expert in this field and will help you to make your project successful.

Blower door testing

Air leaks are one of the 3 biggest reasons for moisture damage and mould growth.By stopping the air traveling through the thermal envelope, the risk of damage is dramatically reduced. Therefore, a Blower Door is the right tool for finding the leaks. The Blower Door Test gives you a simple figure that helps you to evaluate your airtightness layer. 

Thermal imaging

The thermal envelope has often areas of poor installation that can be fixed, if the problem is found before everything is closed up. A Thermal Camera measures the surface temperature and creates the thermal images which the shows the thermal differences of the surfaces. A thermal image will show you exactly where the thermal bridge will be.

Ventilation system

We need a constant fresh air supply to our buildings to provide oxygen and get rid of bad odour. Controlled heat recovery ventilation provides the right amounts of fresh air to all the areas of the building, without letting the unpleasant temperature from the outside into the building. Smart Plus Home can help you with design and commissioning of HRV systems. Smart Plus home is an expert in this field and will help you to make your project successful.

Airtightness detailing

Airtightness detailing can be difficult, especially when different materials meet or if there is a change of direction. We strongly recommend defining this point before starting. Otherwise it will be very difficult and time consuming to achieve a good level of airtightness. Smart Plus Homes can give you the best available solutions.

Thermal bridge detailing

A thermal bridge is a point where heat is escaping the building in the winter time. If different materials meet or there is a change of direction, you will have a thermal bridge. This is the reason for mould growth in corners. By detailing these points correctly, the risk of moisture problems is reduced. Additionally, the energy consumption for conditioning the indoor environment will be smaller. Speak to us and find out more.

Moisture risk analyses

The build-up of the structure is often the reason for structural damage and contaminants of the indoor environment caused by moisture. A moisture risk analyses can evaluate the potential and will be a benefit for you in making the right choices. Smart Plus Homes can help you to find a suitable build-up for your structures. Smart Plus home is an expert in this field and will help you to make your project successful.

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