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Decisions made in the design phase of a new build, will significantly impact costs and performance in the long term. The “functionality first” approach will make sure that your home will be within budget and will perform to its best. Smart Plus Homes is an expert in this approach.


Building physics and building science are often not appropriately considered in renovation and new builds. This can cause huge problems especially in the building shell. Smart Plus Homes is an expert for building envelops and can help you design the thermal envelope, airtightness layer and the layer for protection against the elements.

Passive House

Passive House design is a complex method that involves a lot of different skills and knowledge. Daniel is a certified Passive House designer that can connect all the dots. He will make sure that you are getting the best feasible solution for your unique circumstances.

Design for future Home Owners

After the review of common designs, it is alarming to see that up to 35% of conditioned space are connection zones, not used space or unusable area. In other words, up to one third of your house could be excess space. Other design lapses could be long narrow hallways without natural light or showers in external corners asking for mould growth. The “functionality first” approach is taking care of that and will lead to a cost-effective design, leaving more money in your pocket or allowing for a higher quality of finishes.

The “functionality first” approach means that we first look at your needs and how you want to use the building. Then we look at the environmental conditions and passive design. Now we have a concept for your needs that takes care of health, comfort and finance. After that, we look at the architectural site. Here we try to look more on working with different surfaces rather than shapes. This means we will work more with different claddings, materials and colours than letting the wall jump backwards and forwards. This is the most cost-effective way to create an astonishing architectural design.

Smart Plus Homes offers smart home designs, that are planned to your needs and to the environmental conditions you are building in. All designs consider your health, comfort, energy efficiency and sustainability. We can work with you as a client directly or with your Architect, Designer or Builder. Our services are extremely flexible. We recommend getting us involved as early as possible. Even before you are choosing the site it would be a huge benefit talking to us, because not every site is a beneficial site. Even if your home is already under construction there can still be a huge benefit to consult us. Smart Plus Homes are able to provide full planning packages with Site Supervision and Project Management or just a fraction of the full package.

The best and most effective time to avoid mistakes or wasting money is NOW.

Design for professionals

The building envelope separate the indoor environment from the outdoor climate and functions as a barrier for a building. Lacks in the building shell reduce the thermal performance of the building, resulting in increased operating costs. Deficiencies in the building envelope reduce the durability of the envelope itself, leading to costly repairs. In conclusion, the Lacks can cause contaminants of the indoor environment, affecting the health of the occupants.

The preparation is the key for a successful high-performance building project. We can help make your life easier. Smart Plus Homes is an expert for designing the control layers of the building envelope that is essential for high performance buildings and we have a huge international network of specialists in this field. We can help you design the building envelope and can help you find solutions that enhance the building performance.

Passive House Design

The benefits of a Passive House Design are that it provides a realistic performance outcome with a realistic energy demand. Applying the Passive House Principals will make a building more comfortable for its inhabitants and will help residents save on energy bills through smarter design choices.  

Passive House Design is flexible and allows for a lot of architectural freedom. Passive House Design can start as early as choosing the right site and it is recommended to start as early as possible. The planning stage will take longer due to the level of detail required, in order to minimise complications later in the build. Passive House Design does not stop on the drawing board. During construction, constant ‘project health checks’ will take place to ensure that everything is working out as planned. At the end of the project, a final blower door test will show if the required airtightness level is achieved.                 

Is it necessary to go through certification and go the whole way? No, it is not, even without going the whole way with passive house certification it will still give you huge benefits. Smart Plus Homes recommends going for certification because of different reasons.

It is always possible that something has not been done correctly, getting it checked by another set of eyes will nearly eliminate this risk. In the certification process, there are no compromises and it can only get certified if everything passes the requirements. This guarantees for the best possible outcome for your project.

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