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Passive House is currently the most sophisticated international Building Concept and is new to the Australian Building Industry. It is suitable for all habitable climate zones around the world. The European Union is moving towards the enforcement of Passive House Principles as part of the Building Code by 2020. Australia will follow the same path within the next 10 years. Smart Plus Homes is pioneering to be one of the first certified Passive House Trainers in Australia. We will provide courses and training on behalf of the Passive House Institute.

Passive House Courses

Offered Australia wide!

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Daniel will talk about how to design a Passive House while looking at some of the challenges of doing so in Sydney. He will also show how it is implemented in the design, estimation and performance modelling.

He will show why there is no way around the Passive House approach and that the Passive House Standard (PHS) needs to be the requirement of any high-performance building. The main reason for PHS is a healthy, sustainable and economic outcome for building projects. This is the reason that the European Union is implementing the Passive House criteria in the national construction codes as so-called the nearly zero energy buildings.

However, he explains why this is only the first step to zero carbon buildings.

This event will be an introduction to the Passive House concept. After this seminar you will be able to answer these two questions:

Why do you want to build a Passive House?

Why do you want to live in a Passive House?

We will discuss, why do we need to change our building practice and where are we in the development of high-performance housing? Furthermore, the holistic “Passive House” concept will be explained in an understandable way, by describing the five main “Passive House” components in detail.

Passive House works in cold Europe but what’s about hot Australia? The is a lot of discussion about Passive House in Australia going on. It will be explained, what Passive House can do, and what it can’t do. The question “Is passive House the only solution or are there other options?” will be answered. For example, did you know that there are two Passive House Standards?  

Daniel will explain it in an easy manner and making it accessible to everybody. He believes that there is no need for complicated science to explain how we should build and design our homes and workplaces. We just need to go into our common sense corner. 

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