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Building your own home is most likely the biggest one-off investment of your lifetime. It is your money that is getting spent and there is no one out there who has bigger interest in making your home healthy and comfortable. Smart Plus Homes believes that you need to know the basics to make an educated decision. We at Smart Plus Homes educate you to ask the right questions and evaluate the information/answers you are receiving from the building experts.


Continuing professional development is necessary in order to understand the fast evolving building industry. Healthy and comfortable buildings that are energy efficient and sustainable are becoming more and more standard. Smart plus Homes offers presentations, courses and training for the building industry, which are extremely helpful with your CPD. You can book Smart Plus Homes – for your own function or attend to a public event.

Passive House

Passive House is currently the most sophisticated international Building Concept and is new to the Australian Building Industry. It is suitable for all habitable climate zones around the world. The European Union is moving towards the enforcement of Passive House Principles as part of the Building Code by 2020. Australia will follow the same path within the next 10 years. Smart Plus Homes is pioneering to be one of the first certified Passive House Trainers in Australia. We will provide courses and training on behalf of the Passive House Institute.


Presentations can be quite informative and educating. By explaining and simplifying a complex problem, a presentation can be a quick way of raising awareness and delivering knowledge. Smart Plus Homes can provide excellent presentations on a wide range of topics. You can book Smart Plus Homes for your Event and choose the subject or attend an organised function.


Courses are designed to target innovation and learning, deepening existing knowledge in the Building Industry. Smart Plus Homes courses are interactive and make complex topics easy to understand. We offer courses for the public and professionals and also develop internal programmes for your Organisation. All courses deliver clear defined learning outcomes and an optional examination for your CPD points.


Training is the practical part where the theory is put to practice. Usually training involves 30% to 50% theory with the remainder being at a hands on approach. These programmes are specially designed for trades people and owner builders that will be using the gained knowledge in the field. We will offer one on one training and prepare a customized internal training schedule for your team.

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Passive House Courses

Passive House Designers/Consultants

Passive Houses do not look any different from other buildings. However, on account of their clearly defined energy standard, they exhibit a high level of thermal comfort and extremely low energy consumption. Good planning as well as careful execution of the details is essential in the construction of Passive House buildings. This ensures that the high requirements for the building envelope and technology can be met. As a result, designers and specialist planners need additional expertise which can be acquired and substantiated with the Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant training course.

Passive House Tradesperson

Trades men and women can substantiate their construction knowledge by attending a course and passing an examination to become a certified Passive House Tradesperson. . After five years, they must provide evidence that they have maintained and advanced their existing knowledge by documenting their participation in a model Passive House project. Due to knowledge being always personal in nature, only single individuals can be certified.

Passive House Introduction

The Passive House Standard is a low-energy construction standard that is continuously being developed. A Passive House is characterised by an especially high level of comfort with extremely low energy consumption. The energy savings for heating amount to over 80% in comparison with the legally prescribed standards for new buildings. The heating costs are extremely small – increasing energy prices do not bother Passive House occupants. The heating demand of the Passive House is less than 15kWh/(m²a); this is less than 1.5 litres of fuel oil or 1.5m³ of natural gas per square metre of living area.

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