Western Australian Chapter

The Australian Passive House Association APHA is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which aims to promote Passive House principles as a way of providing superior indoor comfort and air quality while reducing energy use and carbon emissions from Australia’s buildings.

Passive House (or Passivhaus) was originally developed in Germany and has since spread throughout Europe. The standard continues to evolve and is now finding popularity in diverse climatic regions including California, Japan and Indonesia. To date 40,000 houses, schools, offices, and other building types have been built to the Passive House standard around the world.

Daniel Kress is the Representative of The Western Australian Chapter – The Australian Passive House Association. This page is only a service of Smart Plus Homes to give the easy public access to the Passive House related events in Western Australia.

If you have an event that you like to share, it is related to Passive House and is in WA, please send me an invite to your Google Calendar Event. IT MUST BE AN GOOGLE CALENDAR EVENT, and IT MUST BE AN INVITE!

Daniel will publish the event if it is suitable.

My e-mail Address for APHA is:


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