High Performance Window and Doors

Smart Plus Homes offers a wide range of high performance windows and doors. All frames are UPVC or Timber with the option of an Aluminium face finish and plenty of different colour options. All windows provide: Excellent thermal protection in summer and in winter. Durable materials and German quality.

Heat recovery Ventilation Systems

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems provide comfortable and oxygen-rich air on an energy efficient way. In the same time, it removes harmful substances, bad odour and CO2. HRV systems ensure optimal indoor air quality and comfortable living. Suitable for energy-efficient construction in retrofit and new builds. VIDEO

Heat Pumps Storage Heater

Heat pumps are an energy efficient way of heating domestic hot water. Using a highly insulated storage tank will keep the water hot for days, having it available if needed. With the solar ready function, you can heat your water for free using your Solar power system.

Internal sealing systems

Airtightness is an important part of high performing buildings and becomes a part of the National Construction Code 2019. Smart Plus homes provides you with a wide range of options and solutions for improving the airtightness of your building projects.

External sealing systems

Weather tightness protects the structure and the indoor environment from damp, rain, wind or other threats. Weather tightness is achieved by building membranes applied to the outside of the building, covered by the finish layers.

Passive house solutions

Smart Plus Homes offers various Passive House and high-performance building solutions. If you need a product and you cannot find it let us source it for you.

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